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Pinning Down Online Marketing with Pintrest

Why Pintrest Is a Realtor’s Best Friend Pintrest was made for the real estate industry – or at least it looks that way. This fluid, engaging, and highly visual social media platform is an essential for any realtor’s marketing toolbox. It captivates. It connects – and it

Monthly Feature: Online Lead Generation

The Importance of Online Lead Generation for Real Estate Professionals A real estate agent used to be everyone’s first port of call when looking for property; not any more. Today, the first move is usually to check online. As it is unlikely that the Internet is going

How to Rock Twitter and Leverage it for Leads

Twitter is an established social media platform that more and more people are using as a resource for current events, local news, and celebrity gossip. Being able to speak to a broad audience and make networking connections through Twitter is all within your reach. Hashtags I know we

New Redman Referral Program: Get 50 Bucks!

We always love to hear good things from our clients and have just taken that to the next level. Redman’s referral rewards program allows our clients to refer new clients to Redman and get $50 off their next invoice AND the person they refer gets $50 off

How to Blow Up Facebook With Your Awesome

Even though Facebook was founded over 10 years ago, businesses are still looking for ways to leverage it to boost leads and sales. We have listed some tips below to get you started with using Facebook to leverage engagement and gain a following. Use the Hashtags (#) This relatively new Facebook

Is Hyperlapse a Game Changer for Real Estate Pros?

Yesterday, the ever popular and Facebook-owned Instagram launched a new feature application. Hyperlapse is only available for iOS, but it brings high-end time lapsed videos to mobile phones. Time lapse video making is when video is shot at a lower frame rate than 24 frames per second,

6 Telltale Signs Your Website Needs an Update

“Your website loves you. It’s time to change your ways.” We want to say we’re sorry. We’re sorry because, for so many days now, our product ambassadors have been calling, and we know that we give you stress when we do. We don’t mean to. We’re just

3 Easy Ways to Personalize Your Real Estate Website

Any REALTOR® will tell you that personal touches is what separates an agent from the pack: your unique personality, skill set and experience is why your clients choose to work with you, and not someone else! It’s important to think about your website in the same way.

The Website Rankings Game

Are You Concerned With Your Website’s Rankings? Picture this: You sit down in front of the computer and open up a browser window. As you type in your breath quickens. The universal 6 letter colourful logo appears and your heart starts pounding. As you move your

5 Tips For Optimizing YouTube Videos

Boost Your YouTube Presence with these tips! By now, you’ve probably heard about the importance of social media and maintaining a presence online, but are you including YouTube, the third most visited site on the internet, as one of your channels? Even if you already are, the