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The Redman Tech Summer Sale is Here! Are you looking to update your Real Estate website or just breaking into the Real Estate online market? Well have we got the perfect package for you! Save BIG $$$ on a responsive IDX Redman Pro Website that has all

Redman Customer Stories! Edmonton REALTOR®: Donna Van Lier-Grieve

We like working with REALTORS® that have a strong vision of who they are and what value they bring to their clients. That is why working with Edmonton REALTOR®,  Donna Van Lier-Grieve was so great! Donna has been a Redman client for years. Put it simply, Donna

New Feature: Managing 3rd Party Accounts

If you’re a real estate agent with an active online presence, chances are you use 3rd party connections such as Google Analytics and social media accounts. Managing those accounts and linking them to your website can be tricky. Even more so when you’re trying to prove account

Recently Launched: Sonia Tarabay

A recent addition to the Redman family of website is: Created for the Sherwood Park REALTOR®, Sonia Tarabay, Soniasells is one of the most unique website’s designed by Team Redman. A lot of thought went into this fully custom website, from the logo to the fonts,

Recently Launched: Theme Fluid

Fluidly Flexible The latest addition to our family of products has re-formatted and altered the concept of browsing real estate websites! Every flexible fabric has been intricately woven into Fluid’s tapestry, resulting in a universally adaptable layout! Fluid provides just the right amount of customization to your