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Just Launched: is Revamped! On the last episode of Extreme Makeover: The Website Edition, we featured The Russell Team’s site which was designed with simplicity in mind. Adding on to our theme of beautifully simple, we want to share with you the story of Patrick Krause and Shelagh

Recently Launched: Team Cavaliere

Are you a real estate agent interested in a fully custom website? Do you have a design ready for a site; but not the manpower to build it? No problem! At Redman Technologies, we make it happen! Take for example Team Cavaliere. Some time ago, they approached

Recently Launched: Arlie Jespersen

Arlie Jespersen’s Custom Core Real Estate Website is a testament to how creative Redman’s Creative Team really is. The design Arlie’s website: was created using the simplicity of angled lines with his choice of a green and blue colour palette. The site’s sharp design allows for

Recently Launched: Fast Track Real Estate

Next up on our list of Recently Launched websites is Fast Track Real Estate. This 100% custom website was built with a brand in mind. All of the elements of this website mirror the brand’s personality and style. The Fast Track Group is the umbrella group of

Recently Launched: Sonia Tarabay

A recent addition to the Redman family of website is: Created for the Sherwood Park REALTOR®, Sonia Tarabay, Soniasells is one of the most unique website’s designed by Team Redman. A lot of thought went into this fully custom website, from the logo to the fonts,

Recently Launched:

Michael Melnychuk’s website: is the perfect example of how agents can showcase their brand through a fully custom real estate website. From the original and informative copy throughout the site, to Michael’s slick homepage design, offers an engaging browsing experience to its visitors. Working with

Recently Launched:

One of the many real estate websites we are proud of is: Powered by Redman Tech and inspired by Calgary REALTOR® Joe Badin, this website’s homepage is as unique as the real estate agent. The evolution of his website can be found below: First and foremost,