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Tips for Realtors: Fresh Content & Google Ranking

Publish or Perish: Why Your Content Needs to Be Fresh So you’ve built a great website; time to sit back, relax, and let the leads and business roll in. Well, not really. In order for your site to thrive – or even just survive – online, you

Monthly Feature: Online Lead Generation

The Importance of Online Lead Generation for Real Estate Professionals A real estate agent used to be everyone’s first port of call when looking for property; not any more. Today, the first move is usually to check online. As it is unlikely that the Internet is going

Will This New Business Card Change Real Estate?

For anyone in business, business cards are one of those basic essentials that can get irritating. REALTORS®, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, lawyers and bankers all get flooded with business cards through the course of any given week. Sites like LinkedIn have helped to reduce the need for

Email Disclaimers: Do They Work for Real Estate?

This week, I received an email. I opened it on my phone, and it was something I was expecting—some good news that I was waiting for. But there was something at the bottom of the email: This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and

Real Estate Flyer Graphics: Canva for REALTORS®

One of the ongoing challenges for many business owners is the need for professional quality images for their websites, blogs and social media. Sure, it’s easy grabbing someone else’s images and running with them, but using other people’s material for your own commercial purposes can become a

Tracking Tech Trends

Keep An Eye On These Rising Tech Trends When it comes to technology, the changes that can occur in a mere 3 years are astonishing. All those technological advances serve to improve our way of life, our means of communication, and our professional brands. But, what happens

Top 5 ways to backup your computer

We’ve all been there: sitting in front of the computer staring at the spinning wheel of death (or the upside down sand clock if you’re not a Mac user) thinking, “Man, I hope I saved that document.” One of the worse technology mishaps that could happen to