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How Jennifer Lawrence Just Helped You Protect Your Business

This past weekend, the media and social media channels were ablaze with the alleged hacking of celebrity iCloud accounts, which included Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and over a dozen other female actors. Apple has written replies stating that it has investigated and it was not something to

Social Media Posts: Is it ok to repost?

People ask this question all the time. “Hey, I just spent x hours writing this blog. I can only promote it once and that’s it, right?” People have argued about this idea since, well… since Twitter! On the one hand, some famous tech superstars like Guy Kawasaki

Social Media Trends of 2014— Part 1

Top 5 Social Media Trend Predictions: Part One 1) Social Media will have a stronger impact in the SEO world  Think of Search Engine Optimization as a jigsaw puzzle… there’s numerous techniques (or puzzle pieces) that must come together to form the big picture. Three of those

Google Plus: Shared Endorsements Part 2

This is the second half of a two part blog. Click on the link below to read part one: What Are Shared Endorsements? Make The Most Of Shared Endorsements! Say your Real Estate page follows a Mortgage page, who just happens to be your business affiliate, Google

Google Plus: Shared Endorsements Part 1

What Are Shared Endorsements? Yesterday marked the launch of Google’s shared endorsements feature. We’ve already explained the cooleness of Google Plus for Canadian Agents, so we’re very excited for this update to take place, as it can affect Real Estate Agents in a great way. If you