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A Realtor’s Guide to Landing Pages & Lead Generation

  What are Landing Pages? Landing Pages are single pages on your website that generally deal with one particular topic or idea; the endgame of which is to capture leads, either through site signup or the filling out of a contact form. For REALTORS®, Landing Pages are

Tips for Realtors: Fresh Content & Google Ranking

Publish or Perish: Why Your Content Needs to Be Fresh So you’ve built a great website; time to sit back, relax, and let the leads and business roll in. Well, not really. In order for your site to thrive – or even just survive – online, you

5 Ways to Generate Valuable Leads Using Your Blog

  Blogs are an incredible way to share ideas, show off your industry knowledge, and get leads. 1. Define Your Target Who are you hoping to talk to? The more specific you can be the better. For example, you may work primarily with first-time sellers in Downtown

How To Write a Kick A** About Page

  Newcomers to your website almost always want to know who you are, and what your specialties are. Your about page is your chance to convince them to work with you, show off your talents, and connect with your online audience. If you need a little more convincing,

We’re Here For You, When Life Gets in The Way of Blogging

We are proud to introduce two new blogging services to fit your need for unique website content. Basic Blogging Package Select from industry and area-specific blog titles to take care of your blogging needs. Our team can post them to your website on your behalf or give you

The TRUTH Behind Google’s Search Updates

  Google is making an update to their search algorithm by implementing a more mobile focused web search. And why wouldn’t they? More and more of Google users are searching on mobile. I know that personally; I use my phone to search everything! The internet is buzzing

3 Easy Ways to Personalize Your Real Estate Website

Any REALTOR® will tell you that personal touches is what separates an agent from the pack: your unique personality, skill set and experience is why your clients choose to work with you, and not someone else! It’s important to think about your website in the same way.

The Website Rankings Game

Are You Concerned With Your Website’s Rankings? Picture this: You sit down in front of the computer and open up a browser window. As you type in your breath quickens. The universal 6 letter colourful logo appears and your heart starts pounding. As you move your

5 LIES Bad SEO Companies Will Tell You

Tell Me Lies Tell Me Beautiful Lies? One of the things I’ve noticed is that real estate agents are at a high risk for falling privy to bad SEO companies. This is actually quite understandable to a certain extent. Once the market picks up, few real estate

What do you really know about SEO?

Ready for a little more SEO myth busting? Get ready for #2 in our SEO Myth Busting series. Myth #2: More Social Media Accounts Is Better It’s not enough to just have social media accounts: you have to use them. A lot. Don’t get me wrong, social