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Tips for Realtors: Fresh Content & Google Ranking

Publish or Perish: Why Your Content Needs to Be Fresh So you’ve built a great website; time to sit back, relax, and let the leads and business roll in. Well, not really. In order for your site to thrive – or even just survive – online, you


Don’t Forget Your CTAs: They Really Work! If you are developing content for your site and are neglecting to include a call to action – or CTA – your Real Estate company could be missing out on some serious leads and, consequently, some serious revenue. Easy enough

Monthly Feature: Online Lead Generation

The Importance of Online Lead Generation for Real Estate Professionals A real estate agent used to be everyone’s first port of call when looking for property; not any more. Today, the first move is usually to check online. As it is unlikely that the Internet is going

How to Blow Up Facebook With Your Awesome

Even though Facebook was founded over 10 years ago, businesses are still looking for ways to leverage it to boost leads and sales. We have listed some tips below to get you started with using Facebook to leverage engagement and gain a following. Use the Hashtags (#) This relatively new Facebook

Want Better Leads? Teach Them How to Buy (Part 2)

Position Yourself as an Expert and Free Up Your Time Teaching your clients how to shop for a REALTOR® will improve the quality of your leads – and save you time and headache In the first post, we saw how this strategy can work in almost any

Want Better Leads? Teach Them How to Buy

Position Yourself as an Expert and Free up Your Time 3-Part series reveals that teaching your clients how to shop for a REALTOR® improves the quality of your leads.  And it saves you time and headache! This first post starts with a different business to show that

What Can Kayne West Teach REALTORs about being Influential and Successful?

In 2015, Kayne West is labeled as the most influential person by Time magazine. This makes me wonder, why? What has Kayne done that makes people want to listen to him? The moment you become an influential person, you become a mentor, someone people look up to.

Grandma’s Top 8 Cooking Tips for Truly Delicious Writing

I like to think that most people love their Grandmas. I sure loved mine. My Nanny on my dad’s side was an amazing knitter. She made me sweaters, loomed fabric and kicked butt at anything to do with textiles. My other Grandma could cook. Seriously cook. And

Top 10 Safety Tips for Real Estate Pros

September is REALTOR® Safety Month, and there’s no better time than now to talk about safety in our industry. Autumn is often a busy season for REALTORS®, and like all people, when we’re busy, we can forget details, or simply skip over them. So we thought it

The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Real Estate Pros

What is it that makes people successful? What is it that gives some people the burn to push ahead, and how is it that others seem to get there so effortlessly? As people who make our lives your success, we’ve learned that many of the principles we