Real Estate Success | Redman TechnologiesDon’t Forget Your CTAs: They Really Work!

If you are developing content for your site and are neglecting to include a call to action – or CTA – your Real Estate company could be missing out on some serious leads and, consequently, some serious revenue.

Easy enough to tack on to the end of your piece of content, these handy little ‘summing up’ points actually work. It is estimated that 90% of visitors who read your headline will also read your CTA, which is more than can be said for your lovingly crafted content. With such potential for leading prospects directly into your sales funnel, can you afford to not be using CTAs?

Desired Outcomes

Very often, a visitor to your site may need a little nudge in the right direction, which can be provided by a CTA. Let’s take the example of someone who visits your site via a Google search result to your content. They may be very impressed by the authority of your content, but there is no CTA. Instead of taking action, they bookmark your page, forget about it, and that is that.

A simple CTA can land you a new client or at the very least an email address, which you can use for a follow up later on.

blog-dec-19Page Optimization

Your content strategies must not be random and haphazard. Each should be integrated into your acquisitions or sales funnel. What do you want your content to achieve and how do you want the user to respond? Ask yourself these questions before creating any content.

A CTA helps you connect each piece of content with the direct outcome you require, crafting an optimized sales funnel as you go, and maximizing your potential conversions.

An Easy Way to Make a Big ChangeiStock_000004158211Small

It has been shown that merely adding a CTA to each piece of content can increase revenue by as much as 83%. This is an astronomical change which can be the difference between a real estate company scraping by and smashing its annual growth targets.

Need CTAs for your Redman website? We can help you to develop custom buttons and CTAs which encourage the ideal actions from your prospects. Get in touch with our sales team today and find out more!

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