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6 Telltale Signs Your Website Needs an Update

“Your website loves you. It’s time to change your ways.” We want to say we’re sorry. We’re sorry because, for so many days now, our product ambassadors have been calling, and we know that we give you stress when we do. We don’t mean to. We’re just

How To Series – Adding Images

This is the fifth post in our series on how to use your Redman Real Estate Blog. You can read the other posts in the series here: Blog How To Series Logging Into Your Redman Blog Writing a Post Customizing Your Sidebar How To Series – Adding

Bundles: What To Do With Your Design Time

Redman recently announced the addition of Update Bundles and Monthly Maintenance Packages that make it easy for you to save on our design and content update services. These bundled hours are great ways to improve the interior areas and body content of your website to encourage a

SEO Basics: What is SEO?

Everybody knows SEO is important, but not everyone knows what it actually means. What is it and how does it work? Why is it so important? What can you do to make sure your site is SEO optimized? This blog series will help you understand what Search

CREA Rules for Real Estate Trademarks

The MLS® certification marks are owned by the Canadian Real Estate Association, and because they are registered trademarks there are rules every agent and office should know about how and when the marks can be used. Since trademark law can be a bit tricky, we’ve put together

Firefox: Open Source and Lightweight

Firefox is one of the great success stories of the Web in last decade. A free, open-source descendant of the once-powerful Netscape browser, Firefox was released to the public in late 2004 to immediate acclaim and popularity. In its first year alone it enjoyed one hundred million

Google Chrome: Fast, Reliable and Easy to Use

Last time in Redman’s series on web browsers we reviewed Internet Explorer, the browser with the largest chunk of market share. Today we’ll swing the other way and talk about the youngest upstart on the modern web browser scene, Google Chrome. Redman’s analytics show a mere 4%

Real Estate Web Leads – Time Is Of The Essence

When you get a lead from your real estate website – how quickly do you act? Keep in mind that web customers are always in a hurry! We now live in a society that moves and lives at an accelerated pace, with the advent of newer online options like social media and