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Real Estate Marketing & Millennials

Tapping into the Millennial Real Estate Market Millennials have officially reached prime property buying age. If you aren’t effectively targeting this fast-paced, knowledge-hungry generation right now, then you are missing out on a huge chunk of the home buying market. The median age of first time entrants

The Power of Blogging for Your Website

A Blog About Blogging You’ve probably already heard about the value of blogging for your real estate website. But do you honestly know how much it can help? The answer, believe it or not, is that blogging helps a ton. New and fresh content regularly posted always benefits the ranking

Boosting with Blogs

Real Estate SEO: Blogging Really Does Help! Ah, the blog. This good old fashioned writing avenue has long been a staple on the Internet. And as most marketers and SEO professionals will tell you, it’s also an essential component to any successful online marketing strategy. To this

Monthly Feature: SEO

What Is SEO? In today’s modern age of technology, more and more people are turning to the internet when they need to search for information, particularly when it comes to real estate. In order to drive more traffic to your real estate business website, it is crucial

5 Ways to Generate Valuable Leads Using Your Blog

  Blogs are an incredible way to share ideas, show off your industry knowledge, and get leads. 1. Define Your Target Who are you hoping to talk to? The more specific you can be the better. For example, you may work primarily with first-time sellers in Downtown

8 Daily Steps to Rule Your Marketing – Part II

In our last blog post, we covered the first 4 daily marketing actions you can do to rule your market. These actions should never take up your whole day, in fact, you should be able to get through them by the afternoon—that’s if you did a complete

8 Daily Steps to Rule Your Marketing – Part I

People love to say “There aren’t enough hours in the day,” and they’re right. We know that real estate is one of the fastest moving industries, and REALTORS® are some of the busiest people alive. But marketing and marketing online is essential to growing your business. So

Part 2: 6 Blogging Mistakes that can Ruin Your Real Estate Website

In our last blog post, we covered the first three sins of blogging, the main three things that can send your online marketing into a downward spiral. These next three may not be full-bore blog killers, but they can alienate your visitors, forcing them to leave for

6 Blogging Mistakes that can Ruin Your Real Estate Website

We know that we’ve spent a lot of time talking about blogs over the last few months, and we hope we’re not driving you crazy with it. But blogging is still one of the best ways to boost your brand, build social equity online and demonstrate your

Be a Better Blogger: 3 Tools to Cut Down Blogging Time

After a short Redman Tech team huddle today, someone asked an impossible question: “So, how many of our clients are actually out there blogging on their websites?” The answer wasn’t definitive, but if you happen to be one of the majority who don’t have a blog, you’re