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Monthly Feature: Online Lead Gen – Utilizing Social Media

Using Social Media to Generate Leads for Your Real Estate Business Social media is the way of the future. With more and more potential home buyers & sellers turning to the Internet when they need to find information, your real estate business cannot afford to miss out on

How to Blow Up Facebook With Your Awesome

Even though Facebook was founded over 10 years ago, businesses are still looking for ways to leverage it to boost leads and sales. We have listed some tips below to get you started with using Facebook to leverage engagement and gain a following. Use the Hashtags (#) This relatively new Facebook

How Jennifer Lawrence Just Helped You Protect Your Business

This past weekend, the media and social media channels were ablaze with the alleged hacking of celebrity iCloud accounts, which included Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and over a dozen other female actors. Apple has written replies stating that it has investigated and it was not something to

Facebook Tip: Engage your Audience!

 How To Engage Your Facebook Audience Do you ever wonder why people aren’t engaging with your Facebook posts? Try tweaking the structure of the content that you’re sharing! With thousands of companies and people joining Facebook everyday, it’s easy to see why sometimes the content that we

Social Media Trends of 2014— Part 1

Top 5 Social Media Trend Predictions: Part One 1) Social Media will have a stronger impact in the SEO world  Think of Search Engine Optimization as a jigsaw puzzle… there’s numerous techniques (or puzzle pieces) that must come together to form the big picture. Three of those

Creative Ways To Use Facebook To Market Your Brand

Can I Use The Facebook # To Generate Leads? Savvy real estate agents can use Facebook to filter results, search for prospects, and generate leads. As you already know, placing a number sign (#) in front of a word or phrase on Twitter or Facebook will turn