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Monthly Feature: Online Lead Generation

The Importance of Online Lead Generation for Real Estate Professionals A real estate agent used to be everyone’s first port of call when looking for property; not any more. Today, the first move is usually to check online. As it is unlikely that the Internet is going

How to Blow Up Facebook With Your Awesome

Even though Facebook was founded over 10 years ago, businesses are still looking for ways to leverage it to boost leads and sales. We have listed some tips below to get you started with using Facebook to leverage engagement and gain a following. Use the Hashtags (#) This relatively new Facebook

Social Media Posts: Is it ok to repost?

People ask this question all the time. “Hey, I just spent x hours writing this blog. I can only promote it once and that’s it, right?” People have argued about this idea since, well… since Twitter! On the one hand, some famous tech superstars like Guy Kawasaki

What do you really know about SEO?

Ready for a little more SEO myth busting? Get ready for #2 in our SEO Myth Busting series. Myth #2: More Social Media Accounts Is Better It’s not enough to just have social media accounts: you have to use them. A lot. Don’t get me wrong, social

How Do I Get More ReTweets On Twitter?

Do you Want Your Tweets ReTweeted? A ReTweeted post will give REALTORS® greater exposure. Are you a Canadian real estate agent who’s kind-of active in the Twitter realm? As you know, your first step is to get a Twitter account and have your friends at Redman Tech brand