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5 Ways To Get Your Real Estate Career Started on the Right Foot

 1. Find a Mentor There is nothing that can replace a really great mentor. Follow them around the office. How do they work? how do they schedule their time? how do they manage all of their clients? There really is so much you can learn from a

What Can Kayne West Teach REALTORs about being Influential and Successful?

In 2015, Kayne West is labeled as the most influential person by Time magazine. This makes me wonder, why? What has Kayne done that makes people want to listen to him? The moment you become an influential person, you become a mentor, someone people look up to.

Home Buyer Anxiety and How You Can Help

Home buying anxiety is more common than you think. In a recent news article about average house costs in Edmonton , Greg Steel, President of the Edmonton Real Estate Association stated, “Bidding wars – particularly over “lower-price homes” and those in desirable neighbourhoods in Edmonton’s southwest and west – are

Instagram & Real Estate

Instagram Is Now Available! Today, I’m excited to announce the latest addition to Redman’s family of social media links- exclusively for your Redman real estate website (drumroll please)…Instagram! Thanks to this new update, you’re now just a click away from connecting your Instagram account to your website. We’ve

Tracking Tech Trends

Keep An Eye On These Rising Tech Trends When it comes to technology, the changes that can occur in a mere 3 years are astonishing. All those technological advances serve to improve our way of life, our means of communication, and our professional brands. But, what happens