Redman’s Christmas Marketing Tips

This Holiday Season, give your real estate marketing a festive touch with our Christmas Marketing Tips. You can make the most out of this otherwise “slow” time of year by spreading holiday cheer and expanding your target market. If you love what you do these tips will be fun and feel less like a chore.
Redman's Christmas Marketing Tips

1) Host a Christmas Party for your clients. Whether its past clients, current clients, or even referrals, having a social event to celebrate the season is an excellent way to promote your brand. Decorate your office and encourage those invited to bring a guest. Investing in this Christmas party can pay off when you think about the leads you can gain from it.

2) Send out Holiday Cards. Mailing your friends, clients, and leads a Christmas card is a little detail that can go a long way. Its a great way to let others know that you haven’t forgotten about them after the sale. Planting seeds like this during Christmas can give you a returning client in the Spring. Don’t be afraid to add a personalized touch to your greeting cards, remember: what makes you unique as a person also makes you unique as a REALTOR®.

3) Gift Baskets For Closing Clients. Do you have any upcoming possessions? Why not give them a little Christmas gift basket as a housewarming gift? Find a little ornament for their Christmas tree and they will develop a positive emotional tie to it as well as to your brand. Those clients will always remember this time in their lives in years to come.

4) Collect gifts for a non-profit organization. Not only are you doing a feel good activity, but you’re also building your community presence. Set a goal for your office and request donations from members of the community. If you want to add a fun competitive edge to your fundraising, ask a partner broker to “beat” your goal.

Your Redman real estate website can help you boost your marketing efforts while promoting your brand. If you feel stumped, give us a shout, we would be more than happy to offer you some additional marketing tips through a one-on-one session.

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