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Web forms, otherwise known as “Contact Us” forms or “Call to Actions”, are one of the most critical components to every successful website design.

Sure, you want a flashy splash screen that gets your leads’ attention. But what is the final objective of that type of attention? It’s to actually take the next step and contact you – usually on some type of online form.

Much like the other components of your website, you need to include a web form that will secure leads rather than scare them away. But there’s a lot more to a successful contact form than a few bland lines and a “Submit” button.

Below, check out a few important factors related to web forms and how they connect to your business. By making a few tweaks to your current contact form, you could significantly improve your overall conversion potential.

Adding a Web Form

This point goes out to all the minimalist designers in the audience. Do you have a contact form somewhere on your website? If not, here’s why you’re making a mistake:

1. It’s Inconvenient to Leads: Having to copy/paste your email or open a separate page to contact you is more work than it’s worth to many leads.

2. You’ll Get More Spam: Just having an email address on your contact information is akin to asking for spam bots to inundate your inbox with junk.

3. Fewer People will Contact You: The harder you make it to get in touch, the fewer people will inevitably contact you. And that means a lower total number of potential conversions.

Let’s reiterate this point: add a web form if you don’t already have one. It’s quick to implement and can make a big difference in your lead generation.

Simpler is Better

Here’s where many businesses make a mistake. They create contact forms that are complex and filled with all sorts of questions.

To a business, it makes more sense to collect as much information as possible so they can formulate a better response. But from a user perspective, all they see is a huge and unnecessary list of questions they won’t want to answer.

When it comes to your contact form, only include exactly what you need, nothing more. The less information your leads have to complete, the more likely they are to actually complete it. You’ll be directly speaking with these people anyway, so don’t waste their time with too many questions on their first point of contact.

Explain Errors Directly

Everyone makes mistakes, like entering incorrect information or forgetting a box in a contact form. It’s no big deal to revise and resubmit – unless your users don’t know why there was an error or where to correct it.

Have you ever been on a site trying to complete a form only to experience an error where it wasn’t clearly explained? What did you do when that happened? Just like your own experiences, your leads will likely bail if errors are cryptic or confusing.

Clearly point out where errors have occurred. Explain again what needs to be entered. You could even include an example to help make sure your leads aren’t confused. The clearer you are with error explanations, the more likely your leads will actually make the corrections and submit their forms.

Provide Help Throughout the Form

Don’t assume that your leads are as comfortable or familiar with your web interface as you are. Remember, as a real estate business, you’re attracting people young and old and at all levels of tech competence. You don’t want to scare away the less tech-savvy leads, do you?

To help reduce this risk, just add a little bit of help within your web form.

Much like clearly explaining form errors, you can also include help buttons to better outline what needs to be entered in a form. Help should explain the following:

  • What Your Leads Should be Entering
  • Why Your Leads are Entering It
  • How Your Leads Should Enter It

Providing an example can also make things clearer and less confusing.

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Redman Tech has continued to provide our real estate clients with outstanding website design, branding, and marketing campaigns, and graphic design services all across Canada. All of our website designs include a Redforms – a streamlined web contact form designed to enhance lead generation potential even more.

If you need a bit of help in your website design or online marketing, contact Redman Tech today. We’ll show you all the ways you can take your own website and real estate business toward even better potential for success.

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