Did you know that your Redman website comes equipped with a dedicated website for every listing!

listing_masterThink about this…

Q: What if your marketing plan offered a 6 page real estate website for every listing you had?       Would this help you stand out from your competitors? ABSOLUTELY!

Q: What if you had a 6 page real estate website for every listing you had, highlighting all the fine features of the home you want to sell? Would this be a benefit? from your competitors? OF COURSE!

Q: What if you provided each client with their own unique website address? Do you think they would tell their friends about the fantastic job that you are doing? We would like to think so… This place you in the : WELCOME TO THE REFERRAL ZONE!

The great news about these websites is that come completely FREE – except for the optional personalized domain name. Remember Redman is here to help you succeed. For more information about this tool,  please give us a call or e-mail today!

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